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Install Binary (Easier)

  • Manuskript Download
  • TIP: Install pandoc for more export document formats such as ePub, OpenDocument (LibreOffice), and DocX (MS Word).

Install Source Code (More Work, Runs on More OS Platforms)


How To...



Known Issues

Qt 5.5.1

  • Compile/export will silently overwrite existing file (PR #613)

Qt 5.11.x to 5.12.x

  • Import will cause Manuskript to crash (PR #612)

The procedure entry point OPENSSL_sk_new_reserve could not be located...

  • This is caused by an incompatibility between PyQt and Python. (Source.)
    • Starting at PyQt 5.12.4, it is built against OpenSSL 1.1.1; prior to that, it was built against OpenSSL 1.1.0.
    • Python 3.7.4+ is built against OpenSSL 1.1.1, but earlier Python versions were built against OpenSSL 1.1.0.
  • To fix this, make sure your version of Python and PyQt rely on the same version of OpenSSL.

PyEnchant Spell Check

Mission Statement

The goal of Manuskript is to ease the task of writing large projects by providing facilities to stay organized and track details, while also keeping distractions to a minimum. Functionality is to be provided by Free Software only.

To maximize flexibility an open and plain text file format is used enabling collaboration with third-party tools.



  • Manuskript is written in Python3 and PyQt5
  • All code changes and Pull Requests should be based on the develop branch.
  • The minimum target screen resolution is 1024x600 (was popular with small laptops / netbooks)
  • We strive to conform to Qt guidelines. E.g.: User Interface Text Guidelines
  • Tip: Add --console as last option on command line to use IPython Jupyter QT Console as a debugging aid.
    We try to ensure that Manuskript will run on currently supported Operating Systems with Qt integration. This includes several GNU/Linux distributions, in addition to recent versions of proprietary Windows and macOS X.
    OSes we often use in our testing include: Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Windows.
    No promise of support is provided. See also GNU General Public License.
  • Roadmap contains some potential future plans.


Packaging (for release package file)

Releasing Official Version