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Linux workstation security

  • Remove detailed SELinux instrusctions
  • Remove GrSecurity recommendation, as it's not available without subscription
  • Change NoScript to uMatrix recommendation
  • Add some Firejail usage quickies

Protecting code integrity with PGP

  • Add whole new doc on PGP and its use with Git. It is aimed at free software developers and should be used alongside with the workstation security doc.

Trusted team communication

  • A fairly major rewrite in the works...


Linux workstation security checklist

  • add warning that attackers routinely brute-force simple passphrases
  • recommend switching to Wayland
  • Replace browser-in-VM recommendation with firejail-separated profiles instead
  • List NitroKey in addition to Yubikey
  • Add recommendation to use Fido U2F for services supporting it
  • Add SubgraphOS alongside QubesOS (though SubgraphOS is still in alpha)
  • Not adding Flatpak/Snappy yet, as the list of supported apps is pretty pithy