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Discord Shield

A frontend for legendary, the open source Epic Games Launcher alternative

Rare is a graphical interface for Legendary, a command line alternative to Epic Games launcher, based on PyQt5


Logo by @MultisampledNight available here, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Why Rare?

  • Runs natively, and supports most of the major platforms
  • Gets out of your way when you don't need it, allowing you to enjoy your games
  • Tries to be as lightweight as we can make it while still offering a feature-full experience
  • Integrates seamlessly with legendary as both projects are developed in Python
  • Packages, packages everywhere


If you run into any issues, please report it by creating an issue on GitHub or on Discord: https://discord.gg/YvmABK9YSk




Rare is available as a flatpak. See rare.

Install it via:

flatpak install flathub io.github.dummerle.rare

Run it via:

flatpak run io.github.dummerle.rare

Arch based

There are some AUR packages available:

  • rare - for stable releases
  • rare-git - for the latest features, which are not in a stable release

Debian based


  • pypresence is an optional package. You can install it from DUR or with pip.
  • Do not wonder if some icons look strange, because the official python3-qtawesome package is too old. Many icons were replaced.


There is a .dmg file available in releases page.

Note: When you launch it, you will see an error, that the package is from an unknown source. You have to enable it manually in Settings -> Security and Privacy. Otherwise, Gatekeeper will block Rare from running.

You can also use pip.


  • Rare is available as a Winget package You can install Rare with the following one-liner:

    winget install rare

  • Rare is available as a Chocolatey package. You can install Rare with the following one-liner:

    choco install rare

  • There is a small beta tool for Windows: Rare Updater, which installs and updates rare with a single click

NOTE: On recent Windows you should have MSVC 2015 installed, you can get it from here


In releases page, AppImages are available for Linux, a .msi file for windows and a .dmg file for macOS.

Latest packages

In the actions tab you can find packages for the latest commits.

Note: They might be unstable.

Installation via pip (platform independent)

Execute pip install Rare for all users, or pip install Rare --user for the current user only.

Linux, Mac and FreeBSD: execute rare in your terminal.

Windows: execute pythonw -m rare in cmd

It is possible to create a desktop link, or a start menu link. Execute the command above with --desktop-shortcut or --startmenu-shortcut option, alternatively you can create them in the settings.

Note about $PATH:

On Linux:

/home/user/.local/bin must be in your PATH.

On Windows:

PythonInstallationDirectory\Scripts must be in your PATH.

On Mac:

/Users/user/Library/Python/3.x/bin must be in your PATH.

Run from source

  1. Clone the repo: `git clone https://github.com/Dummerle/Rare
  2. Change your working directory to the project folder: cd Rare
  3. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install all required dependencies. If you want to be able to use the automatic login and Discord pypresence, run pip install -r requirements-full.txt If you are on Arch you can run sudo pacman --needed -S python-wheel python-setuptools python-pyqt5 python-qtawesome python-requests python-typing_extensions and yay -S legendary If you are on FreeBSD you have to install py39-qt5 from the packages: sudo pkg install py39-qt5
  4. Run python3 -m rare


There are several options to contribute.

  • If you know Python and PyQt, you can implement new features (Some ideas are in the projects tab).
  • You can translate the application in your language: Check our transifex page for that.

More information is available in CONTRIBUTING.md.


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