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import argparse
import os
from pathlib import Path
import subprocess
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description="Update all QM source translation binaries based on the source .ts files."
"--binpath", type=str, help="Path to the lrelease binary.", required=True
help="Path to the source translations directory. Does not recurse.",
def cleanupFiles(binpath, transpath) -> None:
# Catch for if the user doesn't pass in a path but we're still passing a None.
src_files = Path(transpath) if transpath is not None else "./i18n/"
src_files = [
x for x in src_files.iterdir() if x.is_file() and str(x).endswith(".qm")
for file in src_files:
# lrelease.exe path_to_translation.qm[lrelease_path, str(file)])
# This permits us to import these steps discretely for a bigger build tool.
if __name__ == "__main__":
arguments = parser.parse_args()
# To permit calling as a normal function too ig.
if arguments.binpath is not None:
lrelease_path = Path(arguments.binpath)
if arguments.transpath is not None:
trans_path = Path(arguments.transpath)
cleanupFiles(lrelease_path, trans_path)