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Download here!

VRChat Melon Assistant is a PC mod installer for VRChat. It uses mods published in VRChat Modding Group Discord.
It's a (very stripped down) fork of Assistant's Mod Assistant, a mod manager for Beat Saber.
Modifying the VRChat client is not allowed by VRChat Terms of Service and can lead to your account being banned. Mods available via this installer are manually checked to minimize the chance of that happening, but the risk is always there.
VRChat Melon Assistant is not affiliated with and/or endorsed by VRChat Inc.


VRChat Melon Assistant boasts a rich feature set, some of which include:

  • Installed mod detection
  • Mod uninstallation
  • Broken mod move-aside (temporarily uninstalls them until a fix is available)
  • Complex theming engine
  • Headpats and Hugs


Download the newest build from the release section and run it. This application auto-updates when launched, there is no need to download a new release each time.
Then, simply check off the mods that you wish to install or update and click the Install or Update button. Likewise, click the Uninstall button to remove any mods.


VRChat Melon Assistant should support themes for Mod Assistant. Check its README for more info on theming.
However, this is not a supported feature. If something doesn't work, don't complain to either Assistant or knah.

Common Issues

I hit install but I don't see anything in game! Double check that you followed the Usage instructions correctly.
Make sure you're looking in the right place. Sometimes mod menus move as modding libraries/practices change.
Additionally, make sure the proper VRChat installation directory is selected in option tab.

I don't see a certain mod in the mods list! VRChat Melon Assistant uses mods from VRChat Modding Group and shows whatever is available for download. It's recommended to avoid non-VRCMG mods due to rampant spread of malware disguised as mods.

I hit install but now my game won't launch, I can't click any buttons, I only see a black screen, etc Please visit the VRChat Modding Group #help-and-support channel. Check the pinned messages or ask for help and see if you can work out things out.


Lemon icon from Twitter Emoji

Original Mod Assistant is made by Assistant and used under the terms of MIT License.

semver by Max Hauser