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Performance and bug fixes for the PC versions of FF13 and FF13-2


This is a fork of OneTweakNG, containing additional fixes for FF13. Thanks Nucleoprotein for starting this!


Download the latest release and add both d3d9.dll and FF13Fix.ini to the folder FINAL FANTASY XIII\white_data\prog\win\bin for FF13 and to the folder FINAL FANTASY XIII-2\alba_data\prog\win\bin for FF13-2.

You can to change FF13Fix.ini if you want to change any configuration (e.g. uncap the framerate or disable controller vibration).

What this does

Removes the frame pacer

Disabling this greatly improves the frame rate in certain situations.

Removes stuttering caused by new controllers being scanned every second

This caused stuttering specially if you didn't have a connected controller after the last opening of Steam.

Note that if you want to use a controller you need to connect it before opening the game (i.e. this patch removes the hotplugging support)

Enables controller vibration

This can be enabled/disabled in the FF13Fix.ini .

Uncaps the frame rate (optional)

Using higher frame rates can cause jankness on facial animations during ingame cutscenes. See

Enables Triple Buffering

This may make the frame rate more consistent.

Uses your desktop monitor refresh rate in full screen mode

By default the game forced a 60Hz refresh rate in full screen mode. With this mod the game uses the same refresh rate that you are using in your operating system.

Changes to where the memory is allocated on certain vertex buffers

This considerably improves the frame rate when 2D elements are being disabled on the screen (i.e. minimap or battle menu HUD). This fix is not new, it is from OneTweakNG.

Works around pixelated screen bug that happens when using 2560x1440 resolution

Fix the enemy scan text on resolutions over 720p (FFXIII only)

The game calls SetScissorRect using a rectangle hardcoded with the 720p coordenates. This correct the coordenates and rectangle size in order to fix it.

Reporting issues

  • Please specify what game are you talking about, which mods are you using (dxvk?) post system specs, and post FF13Fix.log
  • Add a save file and steps to reproduce the issue if possible

Other notes

  • This is currently not compatible with GeDoSaTo.
  • I strongly recommend forcing anisotropic filtering on your GPU driver to improve the quality of the textures.
  • Using "Maximum Performance" power management in the GPU driver can also help keeping the frame rate smooth.
  • If you are using dxvk, rename its x86 dll file to dxvk.dll and keep FF13Fix as d3d9.dll