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Welcome to the Bonfire wiki!

First off, please read this

  • Commands in (parenthesis|like|this) mean they are aliases, any of those commands will work
  • Options in [these] are optional options
  • Options in <these> are required options
  • Anywhere that a "Member" is, means you can mention them or not. Keep in mind however, that different parts of a command are separated by spaces, so if the user you are calling a command on has a space in their name, you will need to mention them.
  • Commands are separated into separate classes, you can call help on the class name or the command to get more information.
  • Subcommands are commands that do separate functions than the parent command. To call this you need to call <parent> <sub> For example for hangman, the subcommand (create|start) means you would call !hangman start to use it

Each class of commands is on the sidebar, there is honestly just too many commands to put them all on one page.